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About AskSolar

AskSolar - Guiding homeowners through the often complex process of selecting a rooftop solar system. Our service allows consumers to compare and save when making the jump to solar.

We think customers win when solar companies compete for your business. Our solar experts will match you with up to three trusted companies in your area for you to choose. We will always find the best value for your solar needs.

How It Works

Provide your energy usage. Design your solar system. Review our recommendations.

Tell us about your energy usage and how it affects your wallet. We’ll explain how solar can change that.

Design a solar array around your energy needs to match your homes unique details.

Select a bid. Compare competitive offers for equipment, financing options, and solar installers.

AskSolar Powering Change

Empowering homeowners to go solar and rid themselves of expensive carbon based energy is a positive cost saving and liberating experience. Our mission is to make choosing a solar company just as positive and empowering without the sales pitch and pressure tactics.

25+ Solar Installers

3-4 Estimates Per Project

$5,500 Average Annual Savings

$104,200 Average Lifetime Savings

5 Steps To Go Solar

Initial Customer Review

Using our utility calculator, enter your estimated monthly utility bill + address to compare and rank your home's solar savings potential and the value of a rooftop solar system.

Create Account

Create an AskSolar account using first and last name, email, phone number, then schedule a call with a dedicated AskSolar Energy Advocate.

Deeper Analysis

Determine your exact annual utility usage for a more detailed analysis with an AskSolar Energy Advocate. System size and energy offset goals are set.

Preliminary Cost Estimate

Compare cost options based on self-selected annual income, estimated credit score, lease, own, or finance.


AskSolar compares current interest rates from lenders to determine the total estimated system cost to lease or finance your solar system.

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